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'Green wave' is driving new home choices

Increasing numbers of Irish home buyers are objecting to older and less well insulated homes on grounds of environmental ethics.  Read more
18 Jan 20 02:30 ©

State-backed mortgage scheme hikes interest rates steeply despite bank cuts

The interest rate on the Government's Rebuilding Ireland Home Loan product has been increased massively.   Read more
18 Jan 20 02:30 ©

Your Money: Cut transport fees with pedal power

If one of your new year resolutions is to go greener, along with more exercise, the obvious solution is to get on your bike.   Read more
18 Jan 20 02:30 ©

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Home builder Noonan hails ?11m debt boost for 2019

THE Dublin-based home builder Noonan Developments made a more than ?11m exceptional gain last year, as it concluded a debt arrangement on much better terms than it originally antic...  Read more
18 Jan 20 02:30 ©

Blocking bad loan sales threatens return of 'Big Short' era deals

Any slowdown in sales of bad loans by banks would likely be replaced by an upswing in the pace of securitisation deals, according to ratings agency Scope.   Read more
18 Jan 20 02:30 ©

Profits jump at Dublin porn subscriptions firm

Pre-tax profits at a Dublin-based firm which collects subscriptions from premium users of a global porn empire increased by 14pc to $3.36m (?3m) in 2018.  Read more
18 Jan 20 02:30 ©

Caps off: IAG shares spike as non-EU buyers cleared to buy

Aer Lingus-owner IAG has lifted a restriction on investors outside the EU buying its shares, helping lift its stock price by more than 5pc.  Read more
18 Jan 20 02:30 ©